Zephyr Coffee Merchants has been open since 2006 and has decades of trading experience and a growing origin network that includes farm-side operations in all major growing areas. We’re a nimble team here at Zephyr Coffee Merchants. We’ve pulled and poured, roasted and sold, lived abroad and have been told we speak the language well. The daily beat, everyone playing a part, is what serves our customers best. Quality control, efficient logistics, risk management and contractual accountability – the pillars of green coffee trading – add value and stability to our supply chain. Some key pillars that drive our business to serve and provide the highest quality specialty coffee include:

  • Research-based approaches: tracking of supply evolution by origin and its relation to quality and price.
  • Full supply chain coverage: first access via farmer financing, customized green coffee preparation, flexibility in shipping and delivery, as well as full product traceability.
  • Unsurpassed financial footing: cushion for a rough market, maintenance of inventory and buffer stock, and credit facilities at a low cost.
  • Integrated shipping network: economy of scale and access to the best rates based on company volumes.

As Zephyr Coffee Merchants begins its 12th year of operations, debuts a new website, enlists young trading talent and expands upon origination and roaster services, we invite all customers, new and old, to be a part.

Zephyr Coffee Merchants is, of course, an active participant in all coffee-specific sustainable product labeling programs – Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, UTZ, and 4C – acting not only as an importing intermediary but also actively developing the supply base via registration support, pre-financing, and technical assistance to farmers with the help of our agronomists on the ground in most coffee producing countries.

In addition to entry-level sustainability, we are a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, which defines certain universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. We also are a donor to World Coffee Research, an industry initiative working to address complex problems such as low yields, climate change, and other barriers to quality.